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The November AtE Newsletter is now available online. Here’s a summary of what’s inside this month:

Mike Lambert

Mike Lambert

TOGAF® Version 9.1 – The world’s leading Architecture Framework just got better

By Mike Lambert, Chief Technical Officer, Principal Instructor, Architecting the Enterprise

A revised version of the TOGAF specification, version 9.1, was released on 1st December 2011. There are no new features in this version; it is intended to introduce a number of relatively minor corrections and improvements to TOGAF version 9, launched at the start of 2009.

When released in 2009, TOGAF version 9 represented a major update, with a multitude of new features. It has been incredibly successful, with more than 10,000 individuals achieving TOGAF 9 certification and adoption by many large enterprises. However, with such a major change, it was inevitable that there would be some errors and inconsistencies. Extensive use of TOGAF flushed these out. For the last two years a group of TOGAF experts has been processing a steady flow of requests for improvement.

Mike Lambert, Chief Technical Officer and Principal Instructor with Architecting the Enterprise, and a core member of the TOGAF 9.1 Specification team throughout the period has answered some questions about TOGAF® version 9.1.

Ben Ponne

Ben Ponne

Leadership – Leadership Coaching
By Ben Ponne, Business Manager, Asia Pacific

Enterprise Architects must be strong leaders. One of the best ways to develop your leadership skills is to learn from interactive coaching experiences. Sharing and analysing your own behaviour, and then working on an action plan to improve this behaviour has shown to be a very effective way to increase your leadership ability. In this article we will have a closer look at leadership coaching, what to look out for when you engage with a coach, and the benefits you can expect out of the coaching process.

What is leadership coaching?

For this article I will use the following definition of leadership coaching:

“Leadership coaching” is a one-on-one leadership development agreement between an independent professional coach and an individual client to accelerate the client’s journey to become an excellent leader.” – NEO

Keith Flanagan

Keith Flanagan

Using Soft Skills to Promote Architecture to the Business
Keith Flanagan, Head of Global Human Resources & Professional Development, Architecting the Enterprise

I recently co-delivered the first Soft Skills for Enterprise Architects (SSFEA) course in North America for a private client, and I am happy to report that the course went extremely well with a great bunch of delegates who participated fully in all of the discussions and exercises. So much benefit is derived from full engagement on both sides of the classroom and this occasion had been no exception.

I have however, noticed a reoccurring view that the majority of our clients share ever since we first took SSFEA to the market earlier this year and that is:

Architecture really does need to promote itself better within the business space.

An often misunderstood view is that Architecture sits squarely within the realms of IT and although this may sometimes be true – it clearly doesn’t necessarily apply in all cases. Moreover, if Architecture is part of the IT business unit, it does not necessarily equate that its value ends there; indeed, worse still if key stakeholders have a dim view of the IT business unit.

The Open Group Issues Guide for Integrating TOGAF® with SABSA® Secure Architecture Methodology

In case you missed the announcement earlier this month, the Open Group recently released a new whitepaper – “TOGAF® SABSA® Integration Whitepaper”. According to the Open Group press release, the whitepaper is “a new guide developed in collaboration with The SABSA® Institute to enable enterprise and security architects to integrate security and risk management approaches into enterprise-level architectures. Endorsed and developed by The Open Group Security and Architecture Forums and The SABSA Institute, the whitepaper aims to help architects align IT security decisions with critical business goals while reducing costs and improving interoperability across the enterprise.”

Read the Press Release
Download the Whitepaper

Industry Events

Open Group Conference – San Francisco, California, January 30 – February 12, 2012

Open Group Conference San Francisco

Architecting the Enterprise is looking forward to the next Open Group Conference taking place in San Francisco, January 30 – February 3, 2012.

The term Enterprise Transformation is increasingly being used by organizations of all types to represent the change processes they implement in response to internal and external business drivers. Enterprise Architecture (EA) can be a means to the end of Enterprise Transformation, but most enterprises transform themselves without the help of EA because the latter is largely limited in impact to the IT department, and transformation is about a lot more than just IT.

Conference Links:

Open Group San Francisco Conference Website
Registration (Early registration discounts available until December 24)

Gartner Symposium/ITxpo 2011

November was been a busy month with several members of the Architecting the Enterprise (AtE) team attending Gartner’s recent Symposium/ITxpo events in both Barcelona, Spain and Gold Coast, Australia.

Gartner states that Symposium/ITxpo is the world’s most important gathering of CIOs and Senior IT execs. Both events were very well attended with a record breaking 4000 delegates in Barcelona and an outstanding 1500+ at the Gold Coast location.

Read more and meet the AtE Team!

Architecting the Enterprise is on the Move!

The Architecting the Enterprise HQ team has outgrown its office space and we have moved to a new home that will accommodate the current team and cater for further growth.

In the midst of the current economic pressures, Architecting the Enterprise sees our continued success resulting in our need for larger premises as testimony of the value that our service brings to clients.

We are delighted to announce that effectively immediately, our new address is:

Architecting the Enterprise
Hampden Court
Kingsmead Business Park
Frederick Place
High Wycombe
HP11 1JU

The main office phone number remains: +44 (0) 208 1229150. Local representatives are also available several regions. Find all our locations and contact details here: Contact Architecting the Enterprise

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Greg Le Roux for the AtE Team

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