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The December AtE Newsletter is now available online. Here’s a summary of what’s inside this month:

Judith Jones

Judith Jones

CEO’s Message

Enterprise Architecture made great strides forward in 2011 as many of you, our valued clients, took steps towards not only upgrading your own personal EA skills, but next, you applied these skills to implement and utilise strong Enterprise Architecture within your organisations or consultancy practices.

Congratulations! Because of you, companies all over the world are recognising impressive results by applying solid Enterprise Architecture.

TOGAF® 9.1 – Now Available in Architecting the Enterprise Course Material

Architecting the Enterprise is pleased to announce that from the 3rd of January 2012 all our training will be delivered using TOGAF® version 9.1 which was released by the Open Group on December 1st, 2011.

Here are a few quick facts about the changes:

TOGAF® version 9.1 is a minor update:

  • No new features
  • Some obsolete material has been removed
  • Several areas of the specification have been substantially rewritten for improved clarity
  • Inconsistent use of terminology has been tightened up

TOGAF® version 9.1 does not invalidate TOGAF® 9 certification

  • For approximately 18 months from December 1st 2011, examination will reflect common and unchanged content between TOGAF® versions 9 and 9.1

Questions you may have:

So is new version really important?
Does this invalidate my existing TOGAF 9 certification?
Exactly what has changed?

For answers to these questions and more, visit: TOGAF® Version 9.1 – The world’s leading Architecture Framework just got better.

Architecting the Enterprise is available to answer any questions you may have about the recent changes to TOGAF®. Contact us via Email or Find a Local Representative.

2012 Open Group Predictions

The Open Group has posted their 2012 predictions in a series of 2 blog articles:

Allen Brown, CEO, The Open Group:

“2011 was a big year for The Open Group, thanks to the efforts of our members and our staff – you all deserve a very big thank you. There have been so many big achievements, that to list them all here would mean we would never get to our predictions. Significantly though, The Open Group continues to grow and this year the number of enterprise members passed the 400 mark which means that around 30,000 people are involved, some more so than others, from all over the world.”
2012 Open Group Predictions, Vol. 1

Leonard Fehskens, VP of Skills and Capabilities:

“Looking back at 2011 and looking forward to 2012, I see growing stress within the EA community as both the demands being placed on it and the diversity of opinions within it increase. While this stress is not likely to fracture the community, it is going to make it much more difficult for both enterprise architects and the communities they serve to make sense of EA in general, and its value proposition in particular.”
2012 Open Group Predictions, Vol. 2

Open Group Cloud Work Group

“With 2012 fast approaching, Cloud Computing will remain a hot topic for IT professionals everywhere. The Open Group Cloud Work Group worked on various initiatives in 2011, including the Cloud Computing Survey, which explored the business impact and primary drivers for Cloud within organizations, and the release of Cloud Computing for Business, a guide that examines how enterprises can derive the greatest business benefits from Cloud Computing from a business process standpoint.”
Cloud Computing predictions for 2012

Industry Events

Open Group Conference – San Francisco, California, January 30 – February 12, 2012

Open Group Conference San Francisco

Architecting the Enterprise is proud to be sponsoring the upcoming Open Group Conference taking place in San Francisco, January 30 – February 3, 2012.

Contributing to the program are Architecting the Enterprise’s Mike Lambert and Ed Harrington.

  • Using TOGAF® to Define & Govern Service Oriented Architectures – A New Technical Guide, Ed Harrington
  • TOGAF® 9 Briefing, Mike Lambert

Conference Links:

Open Group San Francisco Conference Website

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Greg Le Roux for the AtE Team

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